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A Action VanCola

Carpet Cleaning Service

 needs for your home & office

 Lakeland to Orlando, FL


(863) 859-2598 
Western POLK County 
..Lakeland, FL 33802.. 
Polk City, Auburndale,
Bartow & Mulberry

(407) 575-0870

Eastern POLK County
Davenport, Haines City,
Winter Haven and
Orlando, FL 32819...


Cleaning  Services  Provided:


*Carpet & Oriental Rug Cleaning

**Upholstered Fabric Furniture
 & Leather Upholstery Cleaning

***Tile Grout Cleaning Service

***Pets and Malodor Problems 
Mildew & Tobacco Malodor Removal

or Moving-Out !   

*****PRESSURE Cleaning..........
Driveways, Cool Decks and Home Exteriors







Still the Most Effective Process
To Clean Carpet Over 56 Years!

For an "old school" style
complete cleaning;

2X’s the job
3X's times deeper
 and lasts
4X's times longer.


esolves old problems like
 latent dirt re-soiling residues
 from past cleanings.

quality cleaning 
 won’t let you down in weeks. 


You know the old saying:
"YOU get what you pay for!"


Carpet Cleaning Company | Carpet Cleaner Orlando, FL
Carpet Cleaning Company | Carpet Cleaner Lakeland, FL 

Carpet Cleaning Service | Carpet Cleaner Orlando, FL
Carpet Cleaning Service | Carpet Cleaner Lakeland, FL

"Master Cleaner"......"Master Textile Cleaner"......and... "Restoration Master"


The 1 - 2 & 3 - 4 "Punch Combination" for Complete Cleaning!


TIP of the Year:
The 4 Components of Correct Cleaning


                         4-Mechanical Agitation 


And with VANCOLA you'll get all 4
for the price of "

Most importantly we provide the recommended

Add our Experience  & Technique
and You’ve got the Winning Recipe!


Here's an example of franchise-style
steam cleaning,
dragging a hose
from the street
thru open doors

and blasting your carpeting with
strong-chemical in boiling-hot-water

not rinsed-out, leaving streaks when dried! 


Then the "Property Manager" calls
to follow-up  and re-clean: "Wash & Rinse"
with proper Time-Temp-Chemistry-Agitation

And here we have the VANCOLA Cleaned Carpet

now we see in this Waste-water bucket below 
what "cheap-fast Franchise Cleaning" leaves-in

and was left behind in this home's carpeting
that will quickly resoil,
which we've now totally removed for them!
**Your Family Deserves Better Than
Franchise Cleaning!


Whether your projects are large or small 
we can provide the experience, resources and solutions
  to get the job done right first time, and every time in your future.

Polk and Orange counties. 

We want to keep YOU and your extended family
 as faithful customers forever!

We are here to cater to your cleaning needs
with a wide range of affordable services
at a fair price with expert results.

Please contact VANCOLA for cleaning services serving;
Western POLK County: Lakeland,
Polk City, Auburndale, Bartow and Mulberry,
and Eastern POLK County
Winter Haven, Davenport,
Haines City 

A typical BEFORE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and a happily AFTER>>>>>

BEFORE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AFTER


....No Glitz - No Glamour - No Smoke & Mirrors 
        Just Clean Carpet, Upholstery & Tile         




Great results from a good old-fashioned power-scrub wash
 and steam rinse, deodorized & sanitized!

The old ways are still the best and lasts so much longer providing
 safety, comfort with real $aving$ for you and your family!


Remember: have your carpets cleaned yearly "professionally"; 
not only because major Carpet-Manufacturers and the CDC recommends-it
to extend carpet fiber life & luster, and for proper hygiene,

but you might be surprised what could be hiding-in-there
 from not vacuuming adequately!



.…Twitter Tips; Cat Urine-Stain Burns -

The conundrum can be cleaned, camouflaged, sanitized, deodorized,
and minimized with a variety of chemicals, enzymes and techniques,
recipes and home remedies, incantations and Spells,
but will inevitably still show, off-gas, and haunt until YOU, your cat,
or CARPET, with all the urine-salts soaked into the carpet padding
are removed....
And remember to "bleach & seal" the sub-flooring
 before New-Goods are installed, else returns from the dead,

  or your Tom-cat trolls around re-marking all his old turf areas!

and that +10x's stored in the carpet padding and sub-floor

For: Lakeland, Polk City, Auburndale, Bartow & Mulberry, FL 

Call  (863) 859-2598 ... for Western Polk County


And for: Orlando, Davenport, Haines City, Winter Haven, FL
Call  (407) 575-0870 ... for Eastern Polk County

  ****  and POLICE DISCOUNT$  ****


You know the old saying:"YOU get what you pay for!"....WATCH


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A Couple Reviews from customers on our Carpet Cleaning Service:
( "We just moved into our rental for a few months while our house is being renovated after the flood.
The carpets in this house were dirty and very smelly. 
Van Cola Carpet Cleaners did an amazing job cleaning a deodorizing them.

I didn't know there was a difference between regular carpet steamers that just shoot hot water
and then suck it out,

 but these guys who spot treat stains and smells, shampoos, steam cleans,
 and then rakes the carpet to bring the pile back up......It was a very good experience.
I highly recommend them! ")




Even if your carpets don’t look like they need cleaning THEY DO!




**You wouldn’t just rinse your dishes or your laundry,
 or even your car, the rain does that,

so we don’t "just rinse" your soiled carpeting either; WE CLEAN THEM!

** Listed Services CLICK here -> Page 2 **

** Service Family  CLICK here -> Page 3 *

VanCola Professional 

A Action VanCola Carpet Clean

A Action VanCola Carpet Upholstery Tile and Pressure Cleaning Orlando





Gary VanCola - Founder and Owner / Operator


Carpet Cleaning Technician

Journeyman Cleaning Technician

Master Cleaning Technician

Upholstery Cleaning Technician

Journeyman Upholstery Cleaning Technician

Journeyman Textile Cleaner

Master Textile Cleaning Technician

Odor Control Technician

Color Repair Technician

Carpet Repair Technician

Water Damage Technician

Mold Remediation Specialist

Journeyman Restoration Technician

Water Damage Restoration Technician

Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician

Master Restoration Technician

   (1-of-only-3) Industry-Certified

     in the State of Florida in 1988!


**Ladies know; You dry-clean your Suit, your dog, your hair when in a rush,
but double-wash your dishes, agitate your clothes, bath & shower yourself,

because it’s more-thorough and so important….

 why just dry-clean your bedroom-carpet you walk-on all year,

   and breathe-in all night?

…. Shampoo scrub and steam rinse! …. The old-way is still the best way!


Do you have a special Doctor, a Dentist, car Mechanic, hair Stylist?...

Experience…. Technique…. Results…. Dedication to craft!....

*Same with "expert" carpet & furniture cleaning!.......

If YOU want it really CLEAN, we’re YOUR TEAM!

VANCOLA Professional - Your special choice!



 “CLEANING FLOORS” – TIP: Spending "BIG BUCKS" replacing

 the soft, quiet, warm "carpet and padded" floor covering,

 for hard, noisy, cold stone/ceramic, wood or laminate floor coverings,
 in order to reduce cleaning tasks, or for allergenic concerns,

 (YOU still have the same exact amount of soils invading your home environment daily

 to contend with!)

 ….And, YOU no longer have the “physical-property advantages” of 4th and 5th Generation Nylon

 carpet fibers to (collect, control, and hold) particulates, contaminants, pollutants,

 and stopping animal-hair and simple-dust blowing all around, until it’s removed.

 Professional Cleaners cleaning hard-surface flooring's "price-point at a premium cost",

 as compared to cleaning carpet-requirements, so Pro’s don’t mind the opportunity!

 Carpeting doesn’t create soils, it collects-them.......unlike hard floorings,

 but holds-it temporarily until it’s removed, just so You don’t breathe-it-in DAILY!


 Added bonus and protectionglass and babies never bounce-off

 hard floors like forgiving padded-carpeting!

...With 8 grandchildren, I know!




10 Tips for Safe Grocery Shopping

  1. Evaluate your risk before visiting the store. Those who are highly immunosuppressed, have cancer, on certain medications, or over the age of 65, should consider other options such as buying online or having someone else shop for them.
  1. Plan your shopping list in advance. Organize your list by aisle, or by group of items, to help you get in and out of the store faster. Additionally, purchase two weeks’ worth of groceries to minimize trips to the store.
  1. Shop alone. This will help limit your time in the store. If possible, leave the kids at home. Children tend to touch everything, increasing the risk of virus exposure. If you must bring a child with you, make sure they don’t touch anything.
  1. Practice social distancing. Stay at least 6 feet away from others while shopping and in lines. Also, when out in public, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face covering.
  1. Wipe shopping cart down with a sanitizing cloth. If you don’t have access to disinfectant wipes, wear a pair of latex or other single use gloves while you shop and discard them when you leave.
  1. Limit touching. Grab items from the back of the shelf as they have not been handled as much. Don’t sort through produce with your bare hands. Instead, use a glove, or stick your hand inside a fresh, store-supplied bag and use the outside like a glove to pick up and inspect the produce you want.
  1. Use a noncontact payment method. Use Apple Pay or Google Pay. Or, if your debit/credit card has the contactless tap-to-pay feature, use it. This prevents you from having to sign the touchscreen or enter your PIN code on areas that others touch daily.
  1. Wash your hands immediately after visiting the store. After leaving the store, use hand sanitizer. When you get home, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  1. Sanitize your car when you get home. Germs and viruses can follow you into your car. The simplest way to attack COVID-19 according to experts is with soap and water, and since most dish soaps use only mild detergents. Also, according to the experts at Consumer Reports,
     “don’t use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the inside of your car as they will likely damage your car’s upholstery. And do not use ammonia-based cleaners on car touch screens, as they can damage their anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings."
  1. Take your shoes off when you get home. Droplets containing the virus can fall to the ground and be picked up by feet.

We are all living in uncertain times and we hope the tips above will help protect you and your loved ones. 



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